Automotive Articles

Seven Social Media Trends for Auto Dealers Posted by Nancy Liberman Everyone knows that the automotive industry runs on loyalty.  Faced with an ever-competitive landscape, dealers strive to cultivate long-term relationships with customers to drive auto sales and increase service and parts revenue. Dealers have relied upon direct mail and email to keep up communications with … [Read more...]

Social Media Checklist

Daily Dealership Social Marketing: A Useful Checklist When I got into dealership Social Media it was because after spending nearly 30 years managing successful stores, I realized there was no one in the store who’s job description was remotely close to anything like managing Social Media. Dealerships were going to have to either outsource Social Media or gradually work the daily duties of … [Read more...]

Ford Motor Company – Reputation Management

Scott Monty - Ford Motor Company Scott Monty speaks on how to use Social Media platforms to manage your online reputation. He points out some examples pointing to companies who do it the right way, and remarks on those businesses who've thrown fuel on the fire because they were NOT prepared. … [Read more...]

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