Looking Back at 2011/2012 Big 5 Social Media Statistics Infographic

Article Courtesy of: Cheryl Burgess Experts Predict Social Media Trends 1. Meghan M. Biro @MeghanMBiro – Founder and CEO of TalentCulture Consulting Group and the TalentCulture World of Work Community. “In 2013, for businesses small & large, I predict that the quality of online relationships and content will rise to the occasion in the vast sea of social media.  Also, crowdsourcing will … [Read more...]

Nissan Rocks Facebook

Nissan Named One of Top Brands on Twitter for 2011; Surpasses 500,000 Facebook Fans FRANKLIN, Tenn. — Celebrating success on the brand’s social media channels, Nissan North America recognized how important tools like Twitter, Facebook and YouTube have become to build brand loyalty, engage directly with consumers and generate website click-throughs. Nissan credits the recent achievements … [Read more...]

Social Media Checklist

Daily Dealership Social Marketing: A Useful Checklist When I got into dealership Social Media it was because after spending nearly 30 years managing successful stores, I realized there was no one in the store who’s job description was remotely close to anything like managing Social Media. Dealerships were going to have to either outsource Social Media or gradually work the daily duties of … [Read more...]

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