Automotive Digital Marketing – Google Places

Yep they are a BIG DEAL and any and all automotive dealers and automotive digital marketing pros need to make sure they are paying close attention. Verifying these accounts unlocks a wealth of services and metrics with Google Places! Take the time to nurture your Google Places - Yes it can be quite time consuming when working with Dealerships with multibrands some of which are under the same … [Read more...]


SPENDING SMART When a manufacturer shows transparency as Toyota has done recently, consumers can feel good about their loyalty to brands and dealers.  Keeping all this in mind consumers still need to use the power of the internet to gain the knowledge needed to approach their purchasing decision with confidence.  The Boston Globe recently published this article about smart buying in a down … [Read more...]

Boston Mercedes-Benz Dealers

Mercedes Dealers Boston New Car Networks is on the move and working on localization as promised! We released Mercedes Dealers Boston not too long ago so chalk it up playing  catch up.    New Car Networks has been very busy working hard to bring you a premier network of informative automotive related sites. Not too long ago we released  Mercedes Dealers Boston into the New Car Networks … [Read more...]

New Car Networks – A New Car Network!

New Car Networks is spreading o u t! CLICK HERE to Visit out Blogger Site ! Join our New Car Network! We are moving forward on the concept of localization and niching of the automotive industry via Web2.0! In our near future we will add a Ning  and SocioGo industry / consumer social net to further our commitment to the marriage of two industries we love  - Automotive and Technology. Thank you … [Read more...]

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