Reviews Reviews Reviews…Part 1

 Car Dealer Review Strategies Reviewed… How many new products can we market to a hungry and tentative automotive community… How high can you count? Review Strategy..YES you need one! For many dealerships keeping up with the latest, greatest, have to have it online marketing tools is fast becoming a full time job.  As trust agents for one of the largest automotive businesses in the … [Read more...]

Google Places? Is this Important?

Google Places: Is this important?  More than ever before! This is the newest  buzz.  Google Places has been around for quite some time and Media Crush and New Car Networks have been ensuring their clients make the most of this FREE tool since its inception.  Each and every dealership should make sure they are on top of this to help steer a variety of marketing components and assist in … [Read more...]

Automotive Digital Marketing – Google Places

Yep they are a BIG DEAL and any and all automotive dealers and automotive digital marketing pros need to make sure they are paying close attention. Verifying these accounts unlocks a wealth of services and metrics with Google Places! Take the time to nurture your Google Places - Yes it can be quite time consuming when working with Dealerships with multibrands some of which are under the same … [Read more...]

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