Phone Scripts You Can Use

Write Phone Scripts That Seal The Deal

Salespeople often tell us that they hate using scripts, but the bottom line shows phone scripts can really work.

Here are some tips your dealership can use to write scripts that sell and that your sales staff will actually want to use.

To write an effective script, you must first determine the types of calls you will be handling and set goals for each of them.

Start with inbound calls for new- and used-car sales and then build other scripts from that model (e.g., lease retention and follow-up with unsold showroom traffic) until you have the materials you need to handle the most-likely situations.

Use your knowledge of your customers and the approaches that have worked well in the past to develop the language that will allow you build rapport with prospects and encourage them to take the next step toward a purchase.

A good phone script essentially mimics the process used every day in stores to talk with customers, assess their needs and budget and identify cars that might be a good fit.

In fact, following the steps to the sale will ensure you develop steps to the call that feel natural to the customer and less formal to you and/or your sales staff.

Greet the Customer
Give your name first and then thank the customer for his/her interest in your store.

Source the Call
If prospects are calling about a specific car, be sure to ask where they learned about it.

Knowing where customers learned of your store and/or specific models in your inventory help you track the effectiveness of your advertising and appropriately allocate your budget.

Conduct a Needs Analysis
Find out what the customer really wants.

Many people call about a specific car they’ve seen in your ads or on your lot because it’s close to what they have in mind. You, however, are in a position to find that ideal car and perhaps win repeat or referral business in the process. Ask car buyers to tell you more about what they’re looking for and share with them your interest in helping them find a perfect match. This approach allows you to open your inventory and make prospects aware of options they might not otherwise have considered. It also increases the likelihood that a shopper will drive away in a car from your store.

Obtain the Customer’s Name and Contact Information
Asking for the caller’s phone number—“in case we’re disconnected”—often seems to less offensive than asking for his/her name.

You can then ask prospects to spell their name and provide an email address so that you can let them know about new arrivals at your store that may be of interest to them. By working these requests into the conversation, you get the information you need in a way that feels comfortable to car buyers.

Build Dealership Value
As with you your showroom process, you need to sell the value of buying from your store.

This step becomes even more important with internet prospects who have not yet decided to do business with you and can easily move on to your competitor. On the web, your competition sits as close as a quarter-inch away.

Think of the advertising messages you use in your online, print and broadcast advertising, and make a list of the key things you want customers to know about your store. Here are some thought-starters:

• Largest dealership in the area
• Largest inventory
• Certified vehicles in stock
• Money back guarantee
• Certified technicians
• Convenient location
• Award-winning customer service
• Business longevity

Sell the Appointment
Resist the temptation to sell the car, unless the caller expressly states that he/she is interested in moving forward with a purchase at this time. While we frequently hear about out-of-state buyers who will complete a transaction based on the information they found online and a conversation with the dealer, most local buyers will want to see the car in person and take it for a test drive. Instead of asking customers if they would like to make an appointment, ask them what appointment timeframe works best. “Would you like a morning, an afternoon or an evening appointment?” Then set the appointment on the quarter hour (e.g., 5:15 p.m. or 5:45 p.m.) to ensure they keep it.

Confirm the Appointment
Ask customers to write down the information about the appointment. Spell the name of the salesperson with whom they will meet and repeat everything they need to know. Provide directions to your dealership and the phone number.

You now have the formula for an effective script.

As you craft the actual script, keep in mind that the intent is to establish a consistent sales process and to frame the critical steps for the call as opposed to dictating every word the prospect on the other end of the line will hear.

Sincere interest in helping the customer find the right car and genuine attention to detail and customer needs will trump a perfect script reading on almost any day of the week, so allow for some flexibility.

Even directors know when to let seasoned actors improvise.

Trust the instincts of your staff and the direction set by the script, and your dealership will be on its way to ringing more sales.


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