New Car Networks

New Car Networks is a project with some lofty goals. The introduction of localization and niche geographical searching to find viability for more specific information for users.

That gobbleygook being said New Car Networks is also about having some fun in and with an industry facing enormous challenges. The manufacturers, dealers, workers, enthusiasts, marketers, social nets and now politicians are all going to play an enormous role in what happens next. It will be very interesting to see who survives, prospers and the reasoning behind it.

New Car Networks also has a stand alone site to continue to work on rolling out a network of informative, fun and we hope locally powerful sites to promote and encourage the growth of the industry in a variety of channels.

The automotive industry jumped in the wonderful world on online advertising head first and as a result has experienced the emergence of some of the most innovative date driven web inspired business offshoots.

New Car Networks will be an integral part of that growth and support of this American born industry.

New Car Networks welcomes any and all input. We have chosen the New England Region for our intial exploration of concept; concentration on Boston , Worcester – Western MA, Southeastern MA, the North and South Shore of MA, RI- Providence and Warwick, and Southern NH- Nashua and Manchester.

New Car Networks looks forward to marrying the two industries we love automotive and technology.

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