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Daily Dealership Social Marketing: A Useful Checklist

Social Media

When I got into dealership Social Media it was because after spending nearly 30 years managing successful stores, I realized there was no one in the store who’s job description was remotely close to anything like managing Social Media. Dealerships were going to have to either outsource Social Media or gradually work the daily duties of handling Facebook, Twitter, Yelp & more into someone’s already busy schedule.

As dealerships start to see the benefit of Social Media in generating leads, I see the eventual creation of a Social Marketing Manager position in the store. In automotive, we’re still transitioning from strictly traditional advertising to a more integrated approach with online marketing but the day is fast approaching where an auto group could certainly benefit from doing it in-house.

Once you’ve got your Social Media platforms in place, there are daily duties that require someone’s attention. Decide and assign who’ll be responsible for carrying out those Social Media duties. I want every dealership to be successful in Social Media (that means SELL MORE CARS) so I’ve prepared a useful checklist to help you and your staff know what needs to be done daily on Facebook and Twitter.

This checklist was inspired by a blogpost from Social Media expert Chris Brogan. I’ve simply added a few extra things that I do everyday.


1. Post at least one status update message daily.
2. Respond to any comments or likes on your Wall: Engage.
3. Share at least 3 interesting status updates you find.
4. Comment on at least 7 status updates or messages.
5. Leave a message on 2 Fan Pages.
6. Leave a message on the Walls of 2 people.
7. Review and revise your Content Calendar.
8. Make sure your content is a good mix of status updates, photos and video.


1. Follow at least 10 people.
2. Follow back at least 10 people.
3. Reply to at least 5 people’s posts/messages.
4. Tweet at least 3 non-dealership-related Tweets.
5. Tweet at no more than 2 dealership-related Tweets.
6. Ask at least one question that requires answers.
7. Recommend 1 person you admire on Twitter.
8. Re-Tweet 7 things.
9. 10 minutes of polite 2-way chit chat does far.
10. Always thank anyone who Re-Tweets or Mentions you.

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