Reviews Reviews Reviews…Part 1

 Car Dealer Review Strategies Reviewed…

Car Dealer Review Strategy

How many new products can we market to a hungry and tentative automotive community… How high can you count?

Review Strategy..YES you need one!

For many dealerships keeping up with the latest, greatest, have to have it online marketing tools is fast becoming a full time job.  As trust agents for one of the largest automotive businesses in the country Media Crush acts in such a manner for The Herb Chambers Companies.

There are many ways to tackle this and most of you probably have tried many of them or a combination thereof.  While experience and an updated personal knowledge base are invaluable; an overall dissemination of new products has to occur to truly discover income effecting related marketing opportunities.

Step one seems to be the most influx at the moment:

There are a lot of steps to a dealership handling this; we will reveal them in a series of posts leading up to the release of a New Car Networks and Media Crush free e-book release by the end of the year.

Today’s consumers are coming to the dealership with more knowledge and information than ever before.  Armed with price points and most importantly the opinion of your dealership based on word of mouth and online reviews – they are here to negotiate.

Next Posts to include answers to some questions we are getting from the field.

With the recent changes in the way Google handles reviews and your Google Places accounts what should you be doing?

We are condition to make sure we inform everyone when we have been wronged, however, why don’t we take the time to let people know where to go for a great experience?

Is your dealership giving them an easy path to provide this input?  Do you ask for the review?
What type of reviews should we broadcast and how?

Dealer Rater a respected and well known review site has added some innovations to up the ante most likely based on the latest moves by Google and increased competitive pressure in the site development space.

We will publish our take on the DealerRater product after you all get a chance to digest the following letter.  PLEASE SHARE your thoughts… Are you a Certified Dealer?  Does this look tempting?  How are you rating this review enhancement tool?  Is this all getting a little bit too BIG BROTHER for you?

DEALER RATER Letter to Certified Dealers…

Dear Certified Dealer,

As you are likely aware, in late July, Google implemented various changes in regard to third-party reviews appearing on Google Maps/Places. Given what we perceive to be significant misperception within the industry regarding these changes and their subsequent impact, I would like to address the key facts surrounding these modifications.

  • Third-party reviews are no longer fully integrated with Google reviews and Google star-count ratings. DealerRater reviews are, however, still indexed on Google and your DealerRater star rating is still prominently seen on the first page of Google search results. In addition, DealerRater reviews remain to offer high organic search placement.
  • Third-party review snip-its no longer appear on Google Places. Google revamped the appearance and layout of its Places page to allow for increased emphasis on Google User reviews. The Places page displays Google user review counts, star ratings and review content, which is then followed by third-party review counts like DealerRater.

To help you address the changes, DealerRater has released a new product called DealerRater Push™ as a part of the DealerRater Certification package. When a consumer posts a review to DealerRater, DealerRater Push is able to instantly identify whether or not that consumer maintains a Google/gMail account. For every reviewer that does maintain a Google/gMail account, DealerRater Push will enable that reviewer to easily copy and paste their review and star rating to Google Places. DealerRater Push ensures that you generate numerous positive reviews on both DealerRater and on Google, and also enables reviews to post immediately to your Google Maps/Places page (rather than having to wait the 4 to 6 weeks it has traditionally taken for Google to find and index your DealerRater review content).

Google is a great starting point when you’re looking to monitor what your customers are saying and hearing about you online; however, you also need a comprehensive Online Reputation Management strategy in place to not only build, but truly manage and leverage reviews. DealerRater’s Certified Dealer Program provides various point of sale tools (such as rating reminder cards) as well as best practices training to help position your dealership for a successful Online Reputation Management strategy. As you’ll see in the “Lane Change” section of this newsletter, we’re continuously updating and enhancing the Certified Dealer program to provide you with the tools you need to leverage your reputation to close more business and gain a competitive edge.

Chip Grueter
President, DealerRater


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