Google Places? Is this Important?

Google Places:

Is this important?  More than ever before!

This is the newest  buzz.  Google Places has been around for quite some time and Media Crush and New Car Networks have been ensuring their clients make the most of this FREE tool since its inception.  Each and every dealership should make sure they are on top of this to help steer a variety of marketing components and assist in gaining ancillary SEO benefits and gaining valuable page one search results for a number of targeted geographic locations.

So Let’s get you started!

Verify your listing!

This is self-explanatory and very easy to do.  If you had a vendor have at  it already or had that go to “expert” employee jump in and now find yourself without a way to access, edit and mine the delicious date available DO NOT PANIC!  Its very easy to do or feel free to contact us and we gladly lend you a hand.

There are a variety of ways to set up your account recently JD Rucker of TK Carsites and Brian Pasch of Automotive Advertising Network have released helpful videos:

If you still want a hand please contact us we’re glad to point you in the right direction.

What does Google Places do for me?

Bottom line this tool will help you target more organic conversions.
Google Places allows you to gain insight into your Google traffic impressions and actions taken.
Location based data and the popular search terms used to find your dealership helps to fine tune a variety of marketing components.
Add video
You are able to load up to five videos and can change them as often as you like. Customer testimonials, new vehicle walk arounds, test drives and whatever you feel will interest and drive a visitor to call or visit your dealership.
Add Photos
A nice shot of a parking lot filled with cars is always a good idea. As are new model photos and again once again anything you feel will interest a potential customer. You can load up to five images.
Huh? Right. Well once you verify your account all of this makes more sense. The videos above also help you to better understand the value.
If you still want some help getting this done – please contact us New Car Networks wants to ensure you sell more cars in 2011!

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