Automotive Digital Marketing – Google Places

Yep they are a BIG DEAL and any and all automotive dealers and automotive digital marketing pros need to make sure they are paying close attention.

Verifying these accounts unlocks a wealth of services and metrics with Google Places!

Take the time to nurture your Google Places – Yes it can be quite time consuming when working with Dealerships with multibrands some of which are under the same roof!

It can be figured out – TAKE THE TIME – this is an important spoke for your Automotive Digital Marketing program.

Leading Massachusetts based Automotive Dealer and E-Customer Relationship Dealer of the Year Herb Chambers has embraced this program.

Jay Gubala, E-Commerce & Business Development General Manager for the Herb Chambers Companies along with Media Crush have placed high priority on accomplishing verification and enhancement to the Google Places program.

Joe Angrisano a principal and founding partner at Media Crush had this to tell New Car Networks:

“The data and enhanced service offering gains made through Google Places verification are helping us to fine tune  our overall digital marketing programs.  We forecast  the importance of  Google Maps and Places long ago – the challenge was language the opportunity so our clients would embrace the program.  Once we verified one location we were able to show the value of the data and metrics.  From that point on  it was clear to our clients how important and powerful this aspect of digital marketing is to on overall strategy.  Lead Generation and Inbound Marketing has already been positively impacted on behalf of the Herb Chambers Companies.”

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